All families living in Enfield and surrounding areas that have an autistic child or children under the age of 8 are welcome to register with us. This includes children who are part-way through the complex process of being assessed by a range of professionals to confirm their diagnosis of autism.


The reason we have had to set an upper limit of 8 years old, is because we are a very small, independent organisation with limited capacity and resources. By being very clear about our mission and the needs of our specific target group, we can use the limited resources we have to deliver a very carefully, thought-through range of activities for younger, autistic children and information and support services for families at the earlier stages of their autism journey, rather than attempting to spread ourselves too thin and delivering less positive impact for families.

As you are probably aware, autism comprises an extremely broad spectrum. Every autistic child is a unique individual with different abilities, sensory needs and profiles. Consequently, each child and family will have different preferences regarding the “ideal” sensory environment for their child to take part in a group session. Some families will prefer a much quieter, relaxed environment for their sensory-avoiding child and others will prefer a more active, stimulating environment for their sensory-seeking child. This is the reality of autism and the uniqueness of each child; it also highlights the complexities we face in offering group activities for such a diverse range of children, who are all too often “left-out”.

We welcome all autistic children under the age of 8 in Enfield, to take part in our group play sessions. However, for our sessions to run smoothly, it is important for parents to be understanding and accepting of the unique needs and preferences of each individual child attending a group session, and not only the unique needs and preferences of their own child. Group activities for young, autistic children are challenging to deliver, for the reasons stated above. Nevertheless, we’re doing our best to offer much-needed play opportunities for children and appreciate your support.

If you would like to register with us, then please complete the online registration form below. We will email you once we have received you registration form to welcome you and advise on procedures for booking and paying for SEN-den activities. The booking process differs for each activity and we are gradually automating processes – please bear with us.

Please note that SEN-den is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and we will store, handle and process your data in line with our Data Protection Policy, which you can refer to below.