SEN-den has helped me so much. Through this group I have met a great group of Mums who I can talk to on so many levels. We discuss things that I find hard talking to others about because we all have a connection – that connection being autism. Before I started going to the group, I didn’t know anyone else who had autistic children, now I have a whole new friendship group. When my son was first diagnosed I would Google places for us to go and to be honest Enfield was seriously lacking any kind of groups where you could go and the kids could play while you can relax in a safe environment and chat with others affected by autism. I’m so grateful to the group founder Lubna who came up with this fantastic idea to bring a well-needed service that parents, families and children with autism could all go. I hope that SEN-den goes from strength to strength. Thankyou Lubna and all the other wonderful people I have met at the group. I am looking forward to seeing you at Friday’s session.DB, mother of a 5 year old boy (diagnosed at age 4 in 2018)

I’ve been attending SEN-den groups for a few months now. Sometimes on a Tuesday, sometimes on the weekends. I felt welcome right from the start and my children were accepted for who they are. It makes me really happy to know there is somewhere we can go with no judgement. There is always really useful information from Lubna and the other parents. It is very reassuring to know you are not alone in the challenges you face when raising a child on the spectrum.LE, mother of two children on the spectrum, (one child diagnosed and her younger child awaiting diagnosis)

” My son was diagnosed in 2017 and I am so appreciative for SEN-den. It is very local to where I live, I can just pop in any time. They are very warm and welcoming and it’s very relaxed. I remember one morning I had a bad time with my son, I was very upset and in tears. But after I went to the group I felt so much better. I was able to get things off my chest, it did help me a lot. I’ve met some lovely people at the sessions and I know that we are all in the same boat. I take my son to the weekend group when I can and I know he enjoys playing with the toys and doing the activities.” NK, mother of a 6 year old boy (diagnosed aged 3.5)